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Established in 2017, Armour Expo has become a cornerstone event for innovation and thought leadership in the realms of Information Technology, Risk Management, Financial Services, and Cybersecurity in the Caribbean and other offshore jurisdictions.


The Armour conference rigorously addresses an array of critical challenges—from information security and data governance to emergent risks and regulatory issues. It also explores groundbreaking advances in FinTech, IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies.

Armour Expo serves as a confluence of thought leadership, networking opportunities, and technology showcases. The focus is on empowering organizations to proactively mitigate risks, embrace modernization, and foster a culture of cyber-awareness.

Our mission is to 'ARM OUR' corporate communities with the essential knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

3 Armour Events
3 Caribbean Cities

No upcoming events at the moment


Jonny Coniglio

Andrew Wilkinson

Managing Director
Account Executive
Account Executive

Subject matter expert



AI and Blockchain Expert

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Ken Bodnar

Ken Bodnar has an extensive background in Emergent Technology, spanning Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Technical Architecture, and Blockchain. He possesses patents in AI-driven eCommerce and Polymorphism in Digital Assets, with certifications in Generative AI agents and cybersecurity.


Ken has served as an international consultant, notably being the technical architect for Canada's 38th General Election. Recognized with the Stockholm Gold Medal for eGovernment and the Formula One/Mercedes Connectivity Challenge, he's collaborated with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism on software designs. His expertise ranges from Machine Learning and AI to Cyber Security and Fintech solutions.

Christopher Hills.png

Chief Security Strategist (CSS), Américas


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Christopher Hills

Christopher L. Hills has more than 20 years’ experience as a Technical Director, Senior Solutions Architect, and Security Engineer operating in highly sensitive environments.


Chris is a military veteran of the United States Navy and started with BeyondTrust after his most recent role leading a Privileged Access Management (PAM) team as a Technical Director within a Fortune 500 organization. In his current position, he has responsibilities as a Chief Security Strategist (America’s) working with Customer, Marketing, and Executives on Thought Leadership, Market Trends, Company Vision and Strategy reporting to the CSO. Chris has held the Deputy CTO and Deputy CISO role since starting with BeyondTrust. 


Head of Data Centre Sales

Sure Business

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Ross Gavey

Ross is an accomplished Head of Data Centre Sales, Partnerships, and Enterprise Sales at Sure Business, where he specializes in Tier 3 offshore data center offerings including Cloud Services and Disaster Recovery. With a deep understanding of business pressures, Ross excels in using technology to exceed business expectations.


Ross holds notable qualifications, including a Certificate in Company Direction and a Level 5 accreditation in Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute. His dual focus on technology and customer service makes him a critical asset for delivering solutions that support client needs.

Christiano Lucca.png

Senior Solutions Consultant

Opentext (Carbonite + Webroot)

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Christiano Lucca

Christiano is a seasoned Senior Solutions Consultant with over 25 years in data protection and cybersecurity. Specializing in safeguarding sensitive data, he has successfully served numerous clients across sectors like finance, healthcare, and technology.


Christiano's key skills encompass Compliance and Regulatory Frameworks, Risk Assessment, and Disaster Recovery Strategies, among others. Christiano is known for his ability to tailor robust security solutions to specific client needs, effectively aligning their data protection practices with industry best standards.


Solutions Architect


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Abner Almeida

Abner is a highly competent Solutions Architect with over 20 years of experience in executing complex multi-disciplinary projects, and over a decade working with Mimecast.


Known for building strong stakeholder relationships, Abner excels at turning proposals into successful business outcomes. Abner brings rigor, drive, and dedication to his work, with specialties in Cloud Solutions, SaaS, and Disaster Recovery among others. Abner's expertise also spans Project & Program Management and various archiving and email migration tools.


Regional Sales Engineer


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Sinue Botello

Sinue Botello is a seasoned Sales Engineer at Thales, specializing in data protection solutions across the Latin American region. With a focus on both compliance and advanced security measures, Sinue helps companies safeguard their most sensitive data from growing threats.


Prior to his current role, Sinue worked with BlueVoyant, BeyondTrust, RSA Security, and Oracle. 



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