Ken Bodnar Returns For Armour Expo To Address Digital Tokenisation & Blockchain As Guest Keynote Speaker

Armour Expo, Cayman’s premier Information Security & Data Governance conference brought to you by eShore Ltd, is delighted to announce the return of Ken Bodnar, Principal Consultant at Blockchain Associates, Data Science Influencer, and one of the winners of the first challenge of the F1 Connectivity Innovation Prize 2017, to deliver a keynote presentation on Wednesday, 12 September at Marriott Beach Resort, Grand Cayman.

Last year, Ken delivered his Internet of Things (IoT) talk on ‘Changing the world one byte at a time – bringing emergent technologies to F1’ and combined his passion for technology with his hereditary love of cars to an audience of 140+ industry professionals across the Caribbean.

At Armour Expo 2019, Ken shared answers to important questions on digital tokenisation & blockchain. His talk on “Living the Digital Dolce Vita on Blockchain” spelled out how tokenisation modelling & digital economics will create brand new paradigms for revenues streams, data security, artificial intelligence communications and jobs.

“I am delighted to return and support the efforts of Armour Expo 2019 to advance the cause of cybersecurity awareness, particularly around digital tokenisation & blockchain. We are on the cusp of new ways of operating our businesses, our lives and our privacy with blockchain.” said Ken,

“Just as we could not see how pervasive and dominating that the internet would become in our lives in 1992, we cannot see how blockchain will come to dominate human activity in ten years from now. Blockchain has the fundamental all-encompassing ability to organise, monetise and securitise human activity, and tokenisation is the emerging art and science that will enable it in ways that we will still discover.” Ken continues.

The Armour Expo Conference is brought to Cayman by Polly Pickering, the founder of eShore Ltd, a leading IT & Cyber Security provider for offshore jurisdictions in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Latin America markets.

“We’re delighted to invite Ken back as a guest keynote speaker at our 2nd annual Armour Expo in Grand Cayman. As boardrooms are moving cyber-security planning to the top of the corporate agenda, and chief executives are increasingly faced with taking responsibility for data breaches, we need to arm ourselves – that’s why Armour Expo  is so important”.

The event will welcome the industry’s leading thought-leaders, practitioners, policy-makers, and analysts from around the world and also features breakout sessions, panel discussions, and demonstrations led by expert speakers and sponsors.