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Cayman Compass

01 May 2018


Cayman Compass

09 Sept 2018


Cayman Compass

12 Sept 2018


Main Stage


The Link Between Training and Risk

Nick Riley (Mimecast)
Sponsored by Mimecast

The Offshore Considerations In An Increasingly Digital World

Alistair Beak (Sure International)

Joy & the C@YKids

Meet the C@ykids (with Joy Baldridge) at the Spotlight Stage where they share some tips about parental awareness.

Governance of Enterprise IT, Key Directives

Jay Ranade (eDelta Consulting & Sr. Training Faculty at
Wharton Executive Education)

Who Can It Be Now: Privileged Identity Management

Dave Evans (Bomgar)
Sponsored by Bomgar

Incident Response- When a Good Plan Comes Together

Aneal Sobie (Cayman National Bank)

Cybersecurity Heroes Aren't Born... They are Made

Bill Hallett (Wombat)

Beyond the Block: The Institutional Race Towards Mass Adoption

Jason Butcher (Gateway Technologies), Telly Onu (Beyond Capital Markets), and Panel Guests

Crypto & ICO Panel

Please join us at the Spotlight Stage for a panel discussion with
local Crypto and Coin companies.

Heroes and Zeroes: Security Shenanigans

Moderated by: Derek Haines (Haines Disaster Consultancy)
John Maldonado (WIT)
Hilton Woods (C3 Pure Fibre)
Alex Clarke (LDM Global)

Panel Sponsored by C3 Pure Fibre

Hyperconvergence: Any Cloud

Gustavo Sosa (Nutanix)

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Polly Pickering & Conor O'Dea

Cybersecurity: The Myths, The Magic, and the Truth

Janine Darling (STASH Global)

This presentation will delve into all the noise and frenetic
movements pertaining to the expansive topic of cybersecurity today.

Living the Dolce Vita on Blockchain

Ken Bodnar

How tokenization modelling & digital economics will create brand new paradigms for revenues streams, data security, artificial intelligence communications and jobs

Service Provider Maturity & Security Innovations

Matt Johnson (GBMS Tech),
Hilton Woods (C3 Pure Fibre)

OfReg Challenges: Cayman Connection & Protection

Alee Fa'amoe (OfReg)

So You Dodged a Bullet On GDPR, Well Here Comes The Cayman Data Protection Law

Iain Kenny (KPMG)

Email Security: Bolstering Your Human Firewall to Battle Malicious Threat Actors

J Peter Bruzzese (Microsoft and Mimecast MVP)

Coming Off the Bottom: IoT Security and Risk Management

Tyson Macaulay (Infosec Global)

The JOY In Business: Innovative Ideas To Find Positivity (and Profit) In Your Daily Work Life

Joy Baldridge (TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Author, Motivational Humorist)

Sponsored by at Grand Harbour Medical

Incident response Panel: Insider Threats

Moderated by Polly Pickering (eShore)

Jon Bosco (eDelta)
Eric Chuang (BDO)
Jay Ranade (Professor, Wharton Executive)
Pamela Webster (eShore)

Become a Board-Level Bad Ass

Dawn Marie Hutchinson

The Dark Web: A Treasure Trove Of Actionable Threat Intelligence

Eli Dominitz (Q6 Cyber)

Where are the real opportunities in cryptocurrencies?

Dr. Richard Rahn (Chairman, Improbable Success Productions & Chairman, Institute for Global Economic Growth)

Closing Remarks with Polly Pickering

Thank you from our Diamond Sponsor, eShore Ltd
Raffle Winners & 2019 Dates Announced



Janine Darling

STASH Global


Iain Kenny



Tyson Macaulay

Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, Infosec Global


Dr. Richard Rahn

Institute for Global Economic Growth


Joy Baldridge

TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Author, Motivational Humorist


Eli Dominitz

Q6 Cyber


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