Iain Kenny

Director, Advisory Services at KPMG

Iain is a Director in the Advisory Services group of KPMG. Working with a team of professionals across the Caribbean, he provides senior leadership in the areas of Anti Money Laundering, Regulatory Compliance, Forensic Investigations, Privacy, Cyber Management and Cyber Incident Response services. Iain has extensive experience in providing specialized anti-money laundering services to financial institutions, life insurance companies, casinos, money services businesses and other regulated entities across Canada and in the Caribbean. Iain is a former detective with the Edmonton Police Service where he was last assigned to the Technological Crimes Unit where he conducted cross-border investigations relating to identity theft and money laundering. He has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies including the RCMP and the US Secret Service. Iain also has significant experience in disaster response management including emergency and recovery phases.

Iain is also the Chair of the Cayman Finance LRC Data Protection Working Group, whose role is to represent industry and private stakeholders interests to government to aid in the development of national privacy legislation.

My Sessions

So You Dodged a Bullet On GDPR, Well Here Comes The Cayman Data Protection Law

Main Stage

Join Iain as he walks you through the transition to the Cayman Data Protection Law on¬†January 1, 2019¬†and how this privacy regulation will impact all Cayman data holders. He will cover the following key: Look back on the implementation of GDPR and its impact on business both globally and in Cayman. GDPR vs Cayman Data […]

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